The Best 10 Google Chrome Extensions, Will Change The Way of Your Work

Best Google Chrome Extension
Best Google Chrome Extension

List of the Google Chrome Extensions

Your browser is basically a bare-bones toolbox: Your browser has everything you need to get your job done, but in Chrome browser, you can use some extension from the Chrome Web Store to make you work more effective. Google chrome is one of the best browser, best designed, fast, secure, and packed with essential features.

The chrome web store is fully loaded with many extensions that are very use full for you. That’s why we have put the list of 10 of the best Google Chrome extensions. These extensions make your work efficiency faster.

We’re going to share you more interesting, and very use full Chrome extension for the productivity of software that enhance the browser environment.

LastPass Extension
(Image credit: LastPass)

1. LastPass

Keep your password in one place and log into website automatically

LastPass is free and secure password manager that store encrypted password online. LastPass acquired by LogMeIn, Inc. in October 2015.

If you’ve got problem with storing password and creating strong password, lastpass solves the matter by creating different strong password for each single website and it storing it locally in an encrypted vault and once you log in to any website it fills webform and logins page as needed . you only got to create the only master password and lastPass takes care of almoste everyting for next time once you create any logins details.

The Great Suspender Extension
(Image credit: The Great Suspender)

2. The Great Suspender

Use The Great Suspender to keep your computer memory and cpu free

The Great Suspender is a free and open-source Google Chrome extension. As we know that when we are working on google chrome website we have to open many website at the same time and google chrome is consuming too much system resource and system memory. After installing The great suspender will automatically suspend the Tabs that have not been used from a while. the great suspender helps to freeing up the memory and cpu that the tab was consuming.

AdGuard Adblocker Extension
(Image credit: AdGuard Adblocker)

3. AdGuard AdBlocker

Make your web surfing faster, safer and more comfortable with AdGuard!

AdGuard Adblocker is the one of the best extension for google chrome to get rid of the unwanted ads from the website and protect your computer form malware. with the Adguard Adblocker make your web browser surfing faster, safer and more comfortable. The other major highlight with Adguard Adblocker is its extreme configurablity and easy to user. The best known Adblocke for the google chrome quick and easy to install. You can manage this extension from the browser in single clicking on the icone.

Full Page Screen Capture Extension
(Image credit: Full Page Screen Capture)

4. Full Page Screen Capture

Capture browser page and download it as a JPG format

The full page screen capture extension does not need any special permission for capturing the screen of the browser, just install the extension and click the icon in your browser or tap Alt+Shift+P on your keyboard to take a full-page screen.
The whole page will scroll when you capture, and you are advised not to move your mouse over the browser until it is finished. Once it is done, the image will open in a new windows to be downloaded. It is a best and easy to use tool for saving the webpage that you want to read offline.

Stylish Extension
(Image credit: Stylish)

5. Stylish

Give your web pages a new look with custome color

When you are working on your computer so long and you getting boar try Stylish. this chrome extension lets you to apply custom skin to the wes pages. If you are reading the text at night you can make your web pages to dark and lite mode. there are lost of funcation on this extension to get the full makeover to your web pages. You can edit any installed themes on your browser and create your own with the Stylish SS editor.

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