How to Sync Computer Folder With Google Drive 4 Steps

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Syncing your computer data with the Google Drive and it’s offer easy to access files anytime and anywere. Whenever your device is connected to the internet google drive sync your computer folder. there are few steps that you need to follow to use the Google Drive for your computer. In this guide, we will tell you how you can sync folder with the Drive with easy steps.

What is Google Drive Backup and Sync Tool

Backup and Sync is a tool that helps you sync all your images, videos, files and a lot more from a single app. Here you get to control which folders are synced to your device. Earlier you had to use Drive app and Google Photos Uploader to keep your files in sync. However, the developers have combined both these apps into this one single handy app called Backup and Sync which takes care of everything.

Backup & Sync is a toll that helps you to sync all your data from your computer to single app. You can control which folder you want to sysnc with the google drive. previous user used google drive and google photos unloader to keep files in sync. Now google developer combined the both app into the single and handy app called Backup and Sync.
You can set premission for your folder which folder you want to sync with the google drive.

Here is the full step how you can use the google drive sync tool for your computer

Step 1: Download the Google Drive Backup and Sync Tool for your computer

The first step is to go to the website and download the Backup and Tool. you need to make the correct selsction for the downloading, there are different version for the software you can choose the software version as per your system requirement.

(Image Credit : Google)

Step 2: Click on agree and download to download the setup for your computer

Once the download will compelet. you need to launch the software setup for installation process.

Step 2 : Once software is installed on your computer go to software section and launch the Backup Sync and Tool to sync your computer files

Step 3 : After that you need to login with your google mail to use the google backup sync and tool

Here are some specific options offered on the menu

My Drive to this Computer: This option can be used to activating or deactivating the sync feature.
Everything in my Drive: Syncs all the contents in Google Drive to your PC.
Only these folders: Permits you to specify the folders that you intend to sync from Drive to your device.

Choos you preferences according to your choice and click on START

Step 4 : Select the folders settings on your computer to sync with google drive

You can choose the which folder you want to sync with the google drive in My Computer section. there is the few option to select the folder that you want to give the access to google drive for upload. if you want to upload the specific folder that is not there in the sortcut then you need to click on the Choose Folder and give the access from this section to the folder.

These all are the step to backup your computer folder so you use these filse from anywere using the google drive.

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