How To Setup Free Business Email With Zoho Free Email.

Zoho workplace is a suite of web-based application designed for business by Zoho Corporation. Zoho also offers business and personal email address at no cost. An add-free business Zoho Email azzount comes with 5GB of online storage.

In today’s world, your business email is very importent as office address, Email address is associated with your business name. Business email contain business website domaine (

How to Sign Up for a Free Zoho Business Mail Account

To set up a free Business Zoho Mail account with your Domain Name.

Setp 1:- Go to the Zoho Mail Signup page and select the Business Email.

Step 2:- This page gives a complete overview pricing plan. But zoho will provide you the Forever Free Plan in which you will get up to five users, 5GB Storage Data Per User and 25MB attachment Limit. Click on TRY NOW to create business email.

Step 3:- Now in step 3 It will give you the Option to add your Business Domain Name, type your domain name which you want to add and click on Proceed.

Step 4:- Fill in all the details for Registration and Click on Proceed.

Step 5:- Enter the unique verification code sent to your mobile number. This process will helps to verify your business account with Zoho Mail.

Step 6:- Once You are done with all the above steps now you have to verify your domain with zoho.

Select your domain DNS manager from the drop-down box. For example, if your DNS is hosted by GoDaddy Zoho will provide you the instruction according to your DNS hosting provider.

Step 7:- Login with your username and password in your DNS host page. Go to the My product >> Domain>> DNS. The DNS manager opens with a all DNS records information.

Step 8:- You can verify your domain with CNAME Method, TXT Method and HTML Method, select the method and copy the “ZB**** Code” (this is unique for each domain) and paste it in the “Host” field. Enter “zmverify.zoho.zom” under the “Point To” filed in your DNS Records, and click on the “Save” button.

Step 9:- Once saved the records, the CNAME will be added successfully. Click on “Procees to CNAM Verification” and click on “Verify Now”.

Step 10:- Now you can create your business e-mail id with your domain by clicking on “Create Account”.

Step 11:- You can “Proceed to Add User” from your organization or Skip this step for later. Users can be added later by logging into Zoho Administrator account.

Step 12:- In this step you can create group to seamlessly co-ordinate within the organization is an easy task or you can Skip this step.

Step 13:- Now configuring Email Delivery can be done by the adding MZ Records in to your DNS manager. So you can receive email in to your zoho Email only after you add the MX Records.

Step 14:- Login to your GoDaddy DNS Manager>>My Account>> Domains>> DNS Manager.

In DNS records information page, click the “Add” button and Select the type as “MX” from the “Type” drop-down menu.

In “Host” filed, enter “@” in the “Point To” field, enter “mx.zoho.zom” and in the “Priority” field, enter “10” and click on “save”

Do these same for the given MX records.

Step 15:- SPF Records for GoDaddy Domain Manager.

Login to your GoDaddy DNS Manager>>MY Account>> Domain>> Manage DNS.
In the records section, click “Add” button.
In the Type drop-down, select “TXT”, specify “@” in the host field and in the TXT value field, enter v=spf1 ~all” and click finish.

Step 16:- Adding DKIM signature for your domain.

To configure your DKIM signature, you will have to add TXT records generated in your zoho mail account to your domain DNS manager.

Step 17:- Under email migration you can migrate email from other services provider using IMAP or POP. You can click “Proceed to Migrate” and to view the instruction for migration please check the image below.

Step 18:- This screen contains the link for mail client configuration. You can refer them for detail information on the configuration methods for diverse email clients.

Step 19 :- Zoho Mail can be accessed via mobile through various apps.

Step 20:- After following all these steps your basic setup will be completed and click on Proceed to Access Zoho Mail.

Step 21 :- Now you and your organization’s user can now send and received the email with your register domain account using Zoho Mail.

You watch the full guide video on YouTube for Setup the Free Business Email.

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