How to speed up windows performace full guied 2020 update

windows performace

Steps to Speed Up Windows Performance

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In this post we will guid you how you can speed up your windows 10 performace, You can clear all the temp file form your computer and make your computer fast and lag free.
Steps To Boost your windows Preformance.

Step 1 :- Go to the windows home screen and press the WINDOWS KEY + R Key same time.

Windows cleanup

Step 2:- In the RUN box typ TEMP and click ok and Delete all the TEMP file from the folder.

Step 3:- Go to the RUN box and type %TEMP% and delete all the file from the %TEMP% folder

How to clean up computer system

Step 4 :- Go to the RUN box and type PREFETCH and delete all the file from the PREFETCH folder.

How to increase windowds performance

Step 5 :- Clean your all temp file and cache file using cleanmgr command
Go to RUN box use cleanmgr command for clearing the cache file.

How to increase computer performance

Step 6 :- Click on ok and after select the file to delete the unwanted files.

How to increase your computer performance

Step 7:- Delete your old windows install file permanently.
WARNING: after deleting old windows file you won’t we able to go to your previouse windows version. But it will make your computer running faster then before.
Select Clean Up System file
After selecting windows come up then select your old windows installed file and delete.

How to increase windwos performance

This process wil take few minute after completion o f this process, Restart your computer and use.
This all steps wil help you to increase your computer performance.

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You can Watch the full video on YouTube for How to Increase Your Windows Computer Performance.

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