How to download Driving Licence Soft Copy 2020 Guide

E-Driving Licence

In these day of digitalization and online system, it is always a best idea to carry the soft copy of the important documents rather than carrying a physical copies of the documents. It a great solution from the DigiLocker that you don’t have to carry a physical Driving Licence and your Vechile’s Registration at all points of time. Just you have to download the Electronic Driving Licence and Vechile’s Registration document for the DigiLocker.

What is a DigiLocker ?

DigiLocker is availabe on website and mobile apps, DigiLocker is nothing but a digital locker to store all your document. You can download and store your document linked with the Aadhar and mobile number. With the help of DigiLocker there is no need to carry the physical document certificate of vicheal, Also you can download the most of the document provided by the goverment Like your educational certificate, Aadhar Card, Pan card and many more, since all data is stored in the secure cloud.

What is the main advantage of DigiLocker?

Once the documents are stored in the DigiLocker as “Issued Documents”, they are considered as Original Documents as per the IT Act and can be claimed as ORIGINAL, unlike soft copies kept in any cloud drive. 

How to register in the DigiLocker application?

For registration in DigiLocker Please visit How to register in DigiLocker

How to download the soft copy of your e-Driving Licence in the DigiLocker?

Now let us see how to download e-Driving Licence & Vechile Registration.

Step 1: Log in to DigiLocker website using your login details, you can get directlly all the document issues by the goverment in the issued document section on the left-hand side as below on and tap on check partner

Step 2: You need to look for “Ministry of Road Transport and Higway” for all state.

Step 3: In the document type section you can choose Driving Licence, Vehicle Registration Certificate, Vehicle Insurance, Vehicle health ertificate and Other document for your vehicle.

Step 4: You need to fill you driving licence number and all details required in the section to download the e-Driving licence and Vehicle registration certificate.

Step 5: After providing all the details your your driving licence can be linked to your “Issued Document” section and you can also download the same and there is share option so you can share the document with other.

How to download your vehicle’s Registration Certificate?

Also you can download the Vihcle Registration Certifiate for your vehicle the process is same as you downloaded the e-Driving Licence.

Step 1: Go to the issued document section or you can search on the search section for Ministry of Road Transport and Higway.

Step 2: In the document section click on Vehicle registration certificate and provide the details required and submit the details after submission you can see your Vehicle registration certificate on your issued document section.

You can download most of the document which is issued by your goverment like your educational document, insurance document, Vehicle document and many more.

Visit to know more about DigiLocker

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