How to Access any Blocked Website Using VPN Software 2020 Update.

How to Access any Blocked Website

This blog teach you how to open website that are block in your area or computer. common reason for website being blocked for school or workplace restrictions, as well as blocked by your Internet service provide or for other resones.

These tricks will work if the website that you are trying to open is blocked on your computer and your area, you may be able to access those website using the VPN software.

What is VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network ) create a encrypted connection between your computer and server and it is controlled by the software provider Compnay, and passess all the network activity through that protected layer. Your all online activities are hidden from everyone including your ISP (Internet services Provider).

Most of the software required paid subscription but there is many VPN provides you the free subscription for using the services there is Data limit in free subscription Here you can check Best Free VPN Software.

The Steps to Unblocked the Website Using the VPN Software.

In this blog i am going to use Windscribe VPN software to guide you the to how to access any blocked website. please read this full post to know the steps.

Windscribe VPN

Supported Device :- Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, Browser | Server Avaliable :- 10 | Data Limit :- 10 GB Per Day | Support :- No

Step 1:- Download the Windscribe VPN software form the website and Install the Windscribe VPN software on your computer system

VPN Software

Step 2:- Create an account with Windscribe website to use the VPN software.

Step 3:- Login to Windscribe VPN using your user name and password. click on ON button to start the software.

VPN Software

After suscefully follow all these step you are able to access the blocked website.

If any information is missing? Please let us know.

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