Generative AI Can Now Summarize Articles for You

Even though in the second half of 2023, artificial intelligence has somewhat cooled off, Companies are stepping up their efforts to provide their customers with additional features. While companies like OpenAI make efforts using GPT-4, Google has instead poured its efforts into Generative AI Search. By allowing article summaries while you browse them, the company has now boosted Google SGE even further. Learn all about it, including some other new features below.

The vice president of product management for search, Rany NG, discussed the new SGE While Browsing functionality in an official blog post. This new browsing function aims to distill subjects and web pages into a few key details for interested users understanding. Google claims that the function was created as a means

No further steps will be required for the user to access this Generative AI feature. Google has mentioned that on some of the web pages when users will visit and they can tap to see an AI-Generated list of the key points of an article. This will be supplemented by a link that will jump to the extra page (paragraph) they are talking about.

Release and Availability

Google’s “SGE While Browsing” is available to all Google Labs users with access to the insider program. All you need to do is head over to Google Labs and toggle the feature on.

However, do make sure that Google Chrome is fully updated. While the service is live on the Android and iOS apps, it will come on Chrome for desktops soon enough.

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