10 Best Remote Desktop Software You Should Know

remote desktop software
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What is a Remote Desktop Software?

Remote desktop software allows users to access a computer without a physical presence. Users are typically IT professionals performing maintenance, or support to end users.The software gives you same access as you are in front of your computer, You can easly access your computer keyboard and mouse. Remote tools allow IT professionals to support end user support without leaving their physical desk. Using remote desktop software you can save your time and money

Best remote desktop software of 2020 

Here is the list of 10 best remote desktop software, We have chosen a few that are very easy and most useful to IT admin in business and for individual users.

  1. TeamViewer
  2. Microsoft Remote Desktop
  3. Chrome Remote Desktop
  4. LogMeIn
  5. GoToMyPC
  6. Zoho Assist
  7. AnyDesk
  8. Supremo Control
  9. Iperius Remote
  10. Connectwise Control
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TeamViewer is one of the powerful remote acess software that enables remote acess to computer and mobile devices and more.There is a man version for teamviewer that is available for personal users, but business and commercial users will have to pay the amount for the subscription. The subscripton that is starts from $49 per month for a single license.


  • Very Easy to Use
  • Great cross-platform compatibility
  • Video and Voice Chat Option
  • File Transfer Option
  • Unattended access
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Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft remote desktop tools are the one of the bset remote software option if you need to use the computer without beinng physically present. there are many software in the market that provides you different features, so it is importent to find the best remote desktop software. Microsoft remote desktop software one of the best and commonly used remote desktop software application, and it provides strong features for the presonal and business users.


  • Microsoft Desktop Remote software is free and paid plan
  • It is available for Android and iOS Mobile Device
  • Easy to use and Setup
  • Unique Interface and Best Performance
  • Powerfull Security
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Chrome Remote Desktop

Google Chrome Remote Desktop is a free rremote software application that is available for windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android device. It is free software for all devices.
Chrome remote desltop is available as a browser extension, it can be used on any devices such as android and iOS devices. it is easy to use remote desktop siftware.


  • 100 % free forever
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Lacks advance deatures
  • Only used with Google Chrome Browser
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LogMeIn Pro is one of the most and populer remote dekstop software, and it is a great choice for businesses. It is little expensive but it has lots of features for users. Also it hase unantended access. The price starts for LogMeIn with $30 per month for two remote connections and the free version comes with 14 days trials.


  • File Transfer feature
  • File storage 1TB
  • Multi monitor support
  • Remote action printing
  • Cross-platform support
(Image credit: GoToMyPc)

GoToMyPc is a remote desktop software tool which helps the user to access the compter machine remotely by web connectivity. it comes with cross-platform supports with android and iOS devices.


  • user can work on MAC or Pc from anywhere.
  • Easy installation
  • Good file transfer feature between the shared computers.
  • Multi-monitor support
  • GoToMyPC has a strong remote printing capability, which makes work easier.
  • No software is required to be installed
  • We can see if the other user has logged in or not thereby increasing transparency.
(Image credit: Zoho Assist)
Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is one of the best remote access software because it is ebalbe the connection for all devices. It provide unattended access. Zoho Assist is free or paid plans start just $8 per month and include all features like printing documents and custome branding. This software is for individual and IT technician to provide the better support services using remote connections.


  • TeamViewer comes with cross-platform access.
  • It has VPN alternative, Mobile device access.
  • It has Automatically wakes up on Lan and restart features.
  • It have file sharing, Remote printing.
  • It has Voice and Video Chat options.
(Image credit: AnyDesk)

AnyDesk one of the light software, It does not required installation in computer system. Simply you can download the software and use the software. also it can be used in slow internet connection with great connectivity.


  • File transfer feature
  • Cross-platform connectivity
  • Live chat with the user
  • Does not required installation
  • Available for Android and iOS device
(Image credit: Supremo Control)
Supremo Control

Supremo Control is easy to user software this software does not require any installation or configuration to access the remote PC. It allows multiple connections at the same time on same machine and single license can be used on multiple number of machines. Supremo Control has a unique feature that allow you to automatically launch supremo when the windows starts and the user will have the possibility to control the remote PC without any physical present.


  • Unlimited installations on an unlimited number of PCs and Servers.
  • Unattended access.
  • Customizable interface with your brand or logo.
  • Monitoring of remote connections with Online Reports.
  • Chat and Easy-to-use File Manager.
  • Meeting support.
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Iperius Remote

Iperius remote is one of the best remote desktop software that can be user one slow speed internet as well and it is lightweight and powerfull. It allows you to connect device remotely to any device form anywere in the world. it perfect tool for connecting to any computer unattended. You can manage multiple connectionat same time. Professional features like document sharing and chat options.


  • Iperius Remote provides the functions for the management of several operators and the related viewing and connections permissions.
  • It provides functionalities to remotely support customers, working from home, transferring files, and sharing the screen with an unlimited number of users.
  • It can be used for unattended access.
  • It will give you detailed statistics related to remote connections made.
(Image credit: Connectwise Control)
Connectwise Control

Connectwise Control is paid remote dekstop software and it has three support plans starts from $19 per month, comes with all remote access features and include powerfull tooms to help it professionals and support technician to solve the problem remotelly. It has some isses like poor performace like connectivity and laggy.


  • It has file transfer option
  • Cross-platform support
  • Host pass configuration features
  • Extension marketplace
  • Powerful software
  • Easy to deploy
  • Lots of features
  • Can be expensive

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